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ICT Transformation

ICT Transformation Program
Project Status:
Office for Customer, ICT and Digital Transformation, Government of South Australia
Last modified:
03 August 2017

The South Australian government invited ICT industry specialists to offer their expert recommendations about how the government could design and deliver ICT to support an efficient government and modern public sector. The ICT Transformation Program was created to progress a range of ideas and concepts that arose from these discussions.

The ICT Transformation Program will drive digital transformation, support the modernisation of the public sector, harmonise technologies and change the way we do business to make government services more efficient, effective and accessible to all South Australians. In addition, the government’s investment in ICT will drive economic development.

The ICT Transformation Program will cover many aspects of potential transformation. The delivery of the first project, End User Computing, has commenced.

Last updated: 03 August 2017