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About D3 Challenges

ICT and Digital Government works with government, organisations, and other interested partners to co-facilitate D3 Digital Challenges. Previous challenges have included improving access to parenting information, active ageing, and keeping women safe.

The cycle of D3 Challenges

Once a challenge has been identified and announced, teams can get involved by registering their interest.

Each challenge:

  • starts with an information session to discuss and make sense of the challenge brief
  • hosts two workshop days where entrants are connected with real life experts about the issue
  • concludes with entrants presenting their idea to a panel of judges at a ‘pitch and awards night’ who will decide which idea(s) will become our challenge winner(s)
  • the team with the best idea will have four weeks to validate their idea with customers and
  • arranges a presentation of the successful idea(s) to the partnering organisation. Partnering organisations can then choose to further fund ideas they believe will provide the most benefit to customers.

View the YouTube video about how D3 works

D3 Workshop days

Day 1 is focused on making sense of the issue by understanding the project brief and asking questions. We will bring a mix of people and knowledge to the day and teams will have the opportunity to access people and knowledge through a series of interactive activities, presentations and research.

Day 2 offers teams an opportunity to develop their ideas and start to design their pitch. A range of activities will be offered to support teams. Teams are also offered the opportunity to practice pitching their idea to a panel of life experts and professional mentors.

Your D3 pitch

The Pitch and Awards night is where teams formally ‘pitch’ their customer informed ideas to a panel of experts (a mix of government and non-government). The team with the best idea is awarded a $15,000 grant to test and validate their idea with customers over four weeks.

The partnering SA Government Department or other organisation may wish to fund more than one idea.

Your D3 presentation to agency

After four weeks, the team with the best idea presents their customer tested idea. The presentation includes their customer tested idea, proposed business model and what funding will be required to further develop their idea.

The decision about whether to further invest resides with the partner organisation.

Why get involved in a D3 challenge?

D3 for Competitors

For participants the opportunity to be involved from the beginning when the problem is being defined is the key to success. This opportunity can lead to kick-starting your own social enterprise here in South Australia with the help of government, industry and academia.

Participants will be presented with the opportunity to:

  • challenge their own creativity
  • contribute to the broader conversation about important social issues
  • win initial grant funding of up to $15,000 network and build professional relationships
  • build skills in developing great ideas
  • receive personal coaching on how to deliver a winning pitch
  • pitch to a panel of leading government and industry professionals
  • develop Intellectual Property for which you are free to commercialise in the marketplace.

D3 for Life Experts

For those affected by the social issue, having the opportunity to share your story including the high’s and low’s with those designing the solution achieves a digital solution people want and need.

Our workshop sessions also provide life experts the opportunity:

  • to help shape future government digital services
  • to network and build relationships with people on a topic important to you and
  • to influence and shape services that your community wants and needs.

D3 for Partners, Mentors and Sponsors

Whether you are looking to partner with us on solving social issues impacting your customers, provide mentoring to our aspiring entrepreneurs or looking to sponsor ideas into prototypes, there are a number of benefits to being involved.

The D3 experience offers:

  • a way to innovatively solve the problems we have been trying to tackle for years
  • a way to connect diverse people resulting in better problem definition and solution design
  • the ability to innovate faster and cheaper
  • a way to connect with the community on matters that affect them
  • access to and discovery of South Australia’s best and brightest digital entrepreneurs
  • a way to grow small to medium and start-up enterprise companies here in South Australia
  • topic based education and business acumen for all and
  • a great news story.

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Last updated: 30 October 2017