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The current D3 Challenge

Healthy Kids Menu

Healthy Kids Menu

Challenge #6 'Healthy Kids Menu' aims to explore ways to increase the amount of healthy food choices available for children in a way that benefits both families and venues.

Raising happy, healthy children is the goal for all parents. Many South Australian diets are high in sugar, salt and fats, and our children’s are no exception. Growing bodies do not need high amounts of these nutrients and children should be encouraged to eat more from important food groups such as dairy, fruit and vegetables. Children’s eating patterns are essential to their health: what they see and are exposed to shapes lifelong eating behaviours and food preferences. Unhealthy food options are readily available, yet healthy choices are more difficult to find. This can have a negative impact on our children’s health.

Food choices when eating outside the home

More and more South Australians are regularly eating out. As menus help to shape our cultural food norms the quality of food offered on children’s menus is a small but important focus area. Food venues can play an important role by providing healthy children’s menu options. 

The D3 Challenge

This challenge invites participants to explore how to increase the amount of healthy food choices available for children in a way that benefits both families and venues. SA Health are leading this D3 Challenge, supported by ICT and Digital Government with advice that guides the D3 experience.

Participants will demonstrate the potential to grow or expand a business that focuses on finding ways to increase access to healthy menu options for children when dining away from home. In addressing this challenge, innovators will encourage an environment where the community and industry take active roles to promote the existing Healthy Kids Menu criteria and offer a compelling case for venues to get on board.

Are you interested in innovating for change? Do you have skills and capability that can help solve this complex problem? If your team comes up with a winning idea SA Health will provide financial support and mentoring.

Registrations for this D3 Challenge are now closed. For information about this Challenge, email

Key Dates

Workshop Part 1 – Tuesday 13 March 2018. 9:00am – 5:00pm.
Place: Duke of Brunswick Hotel, 207 Gilbert St, Adelaide.

Workshop Part 2 – Saturday 24 March 2018. 9:30am – 5:00pm.
Place: Level 4 Wakefield House, 30 Wakefield St, Adelaide.

Pitch & Awards Night – Thursday 5 April 2018. 5:00pm – 8:30pm.
Place: Forum Space, 28 Leigh St, Adelaide.


There are many great resources that you'll be able to access for this challenge, including the Healthy Kids Menu website.

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  • Yummly – Recipe database + cooking tips featuring recipes for many health conditions.
  • HealthyOut – Displays healthy options from nearby cafes and restaurants.
  • FoodSwitch – App that has inbuilt scanning system to provide you with nutritional information and showcase healthier products.
  • Foodstand – App that contains food challenges that you play with friends, e.g. avoid sugar at breakfast, no fast food etc.
  • Zomato – App for finding restaurants, cafes and bars, including menus, photos and ratings. 

Last updated: 22 March 2018