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D3 Challenge - Healthy Kids Menu

Healthy Kids Menu (2017)

Challenge #6 'Healthy Kids Menu' aims to explore ways to increase the amount of healthy food choices available for children in a way that benefits both families and venues. Raising happy, healthy children is the goal for all parents. Many South Australian diets are high in sugar, salt and fats, and our children’s are no exception. Growing bodies do not need high amounts of these nutrients and children should be encouraged to eat more from important food groups such as dairy, fruit and vegetables. Children’s eating patterns are essential to their health: what they see and are exposed to shapes lifelong eating behaviours and food preferences. Unhealthy food options are readily available, yet healthy choices are more difficult to find. This can have a negative impact on our children’s health. More and more South Australians are regularly eating out. As menus help to shape our cultural food norms the quality of food offered on children’s menus is a small but important focus area. Food venues can play an important role by providing healthy children’s menu options. 

The D3 Challenge

Challenge #6 ‘Healthy Kids Menu’ invited participants to explore how to increase the number of healthy food choices available for children in a way that benefits both families and venues. SA Health took the lead with this D3 Challenge, with support from ICT and Digital Government.

Participants demonstrated their potential to grow or expand a business that focused on finding ways to increase access to healthy menu options for children when dining away from home. In addressing this challenge, innovators were asked to encourage an environment where the community and industry take on active roles to promote the existing Healthy Kids Menu criteria and offer a compelling case for venues to get on board.

Pitch and Awards Night

The Pitch and Awards Night was held on Thursday 5th April 2017, where two teams; Feed Studios and Evolve were both awarded $15,000 in funding for their outstanding business proposals.

Feed Studio’s business model incorporates pre-prepared food kits including customisable menus and promotions for venues. Evolve proposed a solution that will utilise a healthy menu and recipe database along with an app-based adventure game.   

D3 Challenge #6 winning teams, Feed Studio and Evolve.
D3 Challenge #6 ‘Healthy Kids Menu’ winning teams, Feed Studio and Evolve.

The judging panel included:

  • Paul Daly, Advisor, Adelaide Smart City Studio
  • Dr. Eva Balan-Vnuk, Executive Director, ICT and Digital Government, Department of the Premier and Cabinet
  • Prof. Katina D’Onise, Director, Prevention and Population Health, Department for Health and Ageing
  • Steven Smith, Chair, SA Council, Australian Information Industry Association
  • Nadia Mastersson, Manager, Partnerships and Program, SA Health 
  • Wendy Bevan, Manager, Government Relations & Policy, Australian Hotels Association

In July 2018, Taste Studios (former Feed Studio) and Evolve presented their prototype, research findings and business model to SA Health and members of the Pitch Night judging panel. SA Health decided to provide further investment funds to Taste Studios to progress their Eat Active initiative focussed on the preparation and distribution of healthy meal kits to venues in South Australia. 

Previous years

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People, parks & wellbeing: Innovation in Ageing – February – May 2017

This challenge aimed to find ways to attract more visitors aged 50+ to our parks to support active and healthy ageing. We know that interaction with parks and nature can significantly improve one’s health and well-being.

We were looking for an innovative digital solution that would be engaging and draw people to enjoy the parks near them. A technology solution which would encourage older people or organisations to use parks in a variety of different ways, including recreation, volunteering, etc.

Pitch and Awards Night

Eight teams pitched their ideas to the panel of judges. Launch Pad Awards went to Enventive for their ‘Parkapedia’ web-based platform and collaborative social marketing campaign and PhoneLabs for their ‘Nature Connect’, a phone hardware attachment and app.

Pitch and Awards Night

Design Process Awards were presented to two teams – SAHMRI and Deming Factor. Deming Factor also won the People’s Choice award for ‘Park Champions’.

The judging panel included:

•    Paul Daly, Advisor, Chair and active advocate for entrepreneurship and innovation in SA 
•    Jeanette Walters, Director, Intergovernment Relations and Ageing in SA Health, OFTA
•    Carmel Williams, Manager, Strategic Partnerships Unit, SA Health
•    Matthew Ward, Director Conservation, NRM and Protected Area Policy, DEWNR
•    Nick Condon, Executive Director, Brand & Innovation, Business SA
•    Jenny Hughes, Chief Executive, Catalyst Foundation.

In May 2017, Enventive and PhoneLabs presented their prototypes and business models to the partner agencies Office for the Ageing, SA Health and the Department for Environment, Water and Natural Resources.

Enventive, partnered by Jaba Multi Media Design in conjunction with their auspicing partner Active Ageing received stage 2 funding from the Office for the Ageing to further develop their prototype ‘Parkapedia’. Their web-based platform renamed Parkapiki has been launched.

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Schoolkids on the Move - August 2016 – December 2016

This challenge was about getting more kids walking, cycling and scooting to school, safely. The rates of active travel to school have declined as more kids are travelling by car. Reducing children’s dependence on car travel has many benefits. Physical activity is important for the growth and development of children. Active travel will improve their learning, development and independence.

The aim of this challenge was to design innovative digital solutions to enable more families to choose active ways to get to school. Solutions that use technology in innovative and outside-the-square ways to make it safe and easy for families to choose to walk, cycle or scoot to school.

D3 Schoolkids on the Move pitch night winners

Pitch Night saw nine teams pitch their ideas to a panel of judges.  All of the teams presented inspired and innovative ideas.

The judging panel included:

  • Paul Daly, Advisor, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Adelaide City Council (Chair)
  • Marg Howard, Manager, Safer Travel and Behaviour Change, Safety and Services Division of the Department of Planning, Transport & Infrastructure
  • Deb O’Riley, Project Director, New CBD School, Department for Education and Child Development
  • Kirk Drage, Managing Partner, LeapSheep

Steve Baxter, investor, tech entrepreneur and ‘Shark’ from SharkTank Australia presented the awards to the teams deemed ready to ‘launch’.

  • Newventive for their DropZone activation tool and digital marketing campaign
  • Team Fujitsu for their phone application with virtual rewards to engage children
  • Ediki for their school sharing communities’ adaption of MyCarpools.

Move It Kids won the Design Process Award recognising good process, development of skills and capability and a real focus on the user.

ElectronicallyE won the People’s Choice award for Moova, a wearable digital wrist device.

Schoolkids on the Move winners


In December, Newventive, Team Fujitsu and Ediki presented their prototypes and business models aimed at tackling the challenge of getting more kids walking, cycling and scooting to school.

There were excellent ideas and suggestions presented however none of the teams evolved their products as conceptualised. DPTI have chosen not to proceed with further investment.

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This challenge focused on finding ways to help keep women and their children safe. Women and children have the right to feel safe and live without fear of violence. Perpetrators of violence are increasingly using technology to facilitate their abuse of women. It was time to turn this around and use technology in a positive way that aids women to be happy, healthy and safe in their environment.

The aim of this challenge was to use technology to prevent violence against women and better facilitate women’s safety through innovative, outside-the-square solutions.

Pitch night saw nine teams face the judging panel on 10 December 2015. All of the teams presented inspired and practical ideas, but there could only be three winning teams.

The judging panel included:

  • Paul Daly, Innovation and Commercialisation Consultant (Chair)
  • Fiona Mort, Director, Office for Women
  • Maria Hagias, Executive Director, Central Domestic Violence Service, Co-Chair of the Coalition of Women’s Domestic Violence Services and South Australian representative on the COAG Advisory Panel on Reducing Violence Against Women and their Children
  • Mat Hannan, Partner, Advisory, BDO
  • Detective Superintendent Joanne Shanahan, Officer in Charge of the Family and Domestic Violence Branch at SAPOL
  • Janet Stodulka, Branch Manager, Service Delivery Practice, Department of Social Services

D3 Keeping women safe pitch night winning teams

ASMS Innovators (a group of year 10 and 11 students from the Australian Science and Mathematics School) with a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ pitch – an interactive app that helps young South Australians understand the consequences of different behavioural decisions.

Cartland Law with AILIRA (Artificially Intelligent Legal Information Research Assistant), an artificial intelligence program providing information on domestic violence law, assisting women and service providers.

Technology for Women’s Safety with Snapshot, a digital toolkit to empower women and their support networks by providing them with support options to address the gap between living in fear and reaching out to support services.

In late January 2016 all three teams presented their prototype and business plan to the Office for Women, the Department of the Premier and Cabinet and the Department of Social Services (Commonwealth).

Both ASMS Innovators with their ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ and Technology for Women’s Safety with Snapshot were successful in securing additional funding from the Commonwealth Department of Social Services in partnership with the Office of Women.

See what had to say about this challenge.

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This challenge focused on finding ways to support the prime time of life, including ways to enable people to be active, remain connected and in control of their future as they grow older.

Together with Office for the Ageing, we went out looking for digital solutions that encouraged older people to take up opportunities to be active in all areas of life and in a variety of ways - including socially, physically and mentally.

Active ageing involves opportunities to explore, learn, be challenged and share knowledge and skills with others. It can improve sense of wellbeing, engage people in activities that provide purpose and meaning and connect people to a whole new group of other people and experiences.

The state government's vision is to bring the community together to create an all-ages-friendly state. To ensure South Australians have a fulfilling, active and enjoyable life at every stage, gaining the maximum benefit from longevity linking personal wellbeing with social and economic productivity. More information, and the state government’s vision can be accessed via the SA Health website.

On Thursday 3 September 2016 six teams pitched their ideas for an Active Ageing‬ digital solution. After a lengthy deliberation two teams were announced as the $10,000 grant recipients.

The judging panel that awarded the $15,000 grants included:

  • Paul Daly, Innovation and Commercialisation Consulting (Chair)
  • Jeanette Walters, Manager Policy and Programs, Office for the Ageing
  • Andy Koronios, Head School of IT, University of South Australia
  • Mat Hannan, Partner, Advisory, BDO
  • Dr Mike Rungie, CEO ACH Group (SA and VIC)

D3 Active Ageing pitch night winning teams

The winning teams, Sandpit with their ‘Dial a Story’ concept and Yup Yup Labs with their ‘Spare Time’ concept, have since gone on to establish strategic partnerships with not-for-profits in this space and secure additional funding with a view to piloting their technologies in mid-2016.

Yup Yup Labs, in conjunction with the ACH Group, received $50,000 to develop their SpareTime project, a web-based platform that matches older people with volunteering roles.

Sandpit, in conjunction with the RAA, received $60,000 to develop Marco, a telephone technology that allows users to record and share narratives with friends, families and people with similar interests.

The grants form part of the next stage of the D3 Digital Challenge and responsibility for progressing the projects in with the Office for the Ageing.

View the YouTube video about Yup Yup's experience with the D3 Challenges.

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This challenge focused on finding ways to improve access to parenting information.

The most important factor influencing a child’s intellectual and social development is the quality of parenting and care they receive and the quality of the home learning environment.

Through a study conducted in 2013, we learnt that parents are confused by the mixed messages they receive from professionals about child development. We believe that supporting parents and the wider family to be confident, connected and engaged will allow a shared understanding of how they, in partnership with government services, can play a critical role in safeguarding their children’s welfare and strengthen families.

There is a burning need to deliver good quality information to parents that can be trusted, is in real time and credible, and when they need it.

In December 2014, four teams pitched their ideas. The winning team Moshi Moshi’ were awarded a $10,000 grant to develop their ‘bubbify’ idea.

The judging panel that awarded the $10,000 grant included:

  • Paul Daly, Innovation and Commercialisation Consulting (Chair)
  • Kerrie Bowering, Director, Child and Family Health Service, SA Government
  • Martin Reid, Technology Partner, Deloitte
  • Professor Andy Koronios, Head of School of IT, University of South Australia
  • Belinda Jennings, CEO/Founder, Mum Central and Australian Baby Bargains

D3 Improving access to parenting information pitch night winning teams

While the winning idea was unanimously agreed upon by the judges, they agreed that all of the ideas were of a high quality and distinct enough to co-exist in the marketplace.
The ‘bubbify’ prototype has not been further developed at this stage.

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"The D3 experience provided us with the opportunity, confidence, support and funding to begin our start-up. The funding has been great, but the benefit of D3 extends so much further. The support that we have received from the ICT and Digital Government and the Office for the Ageing has been invaluable in ensuring that our project is sustainable, makes a difference to the lives of older people and creates new economic opportunities.

D3 has given us the boost that we needed to be able to launch our start-up, the skills to do it well and the direction to get us to innovate and create products that will promote active ageing within the community. The D3 team have really created a unique and innovative program that supports the digital transformation of services to achieve better outcomes.”

Team: Yup Yup Labs (Project: SpareTime)

"D3: Active Ageing gave us the opportunity to pit our skills against our peers, whilst at the same time, giving us the opportunity to work with others outside our business – koolth and the gang was formed with team members for a number of different companies and with a diverse range of skills.

The main reason for taking part in D3: Active Ageing was the prospect of developing a technical solution that that makes a social impact and helps the community. We’re proud to have received an honourable mention for our EventAware solution (and to receive a direct entry into the upcoming Tech eChallenge).

Overall D3: Active Ageing has been an extremely rewarding experience for the whole team; so much so, koolth and the gang have continued to work on EventAware after the competition (having just released an early beta version).  Everyone involved did a fantastic job of putting the whole thing together and the support we’ve had from the whole D3 team (both during and after) has surpassed all our expectations."

Team: Koolth and the gang (Project: EventAware)

“I was very impressed with the standard of both the proposals and the way they were presented.  Giving entrepreneurs the opportunity to respond creatively to the problems we face seems to open the door to some really creative outcomes. I would like to congratulate all the teams that participated - they gave the panel a great deal to think about during judging process."

Judge: Paul Daly, Innovation and Commercialisation Consultant

“Incredibly efficient and valuable way to start to solve some of societies challenges, and very important for government to be the catalyst for this.”

Judge: Martin Read, Technology Partner, Deloitte


Last updated: 28 August 2018