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D3 Digital Challenge #4 Schoolkids on the Move Winners

D3 Digital Challenge #4 Schoolkids on the Move Winners

Congratulations to all the teams who pitched their ideas Friday 21 October 2016.

Newventive, Team Fujitsu and Ediki all won a Launch Pad award – a $15,000 grant to turn their idea into a prototype. Newventive for their DropZone activation tool and digital marketing campaign. Team Fujitsu for their phone application with virtual rewards to engage children and Ediki for their school sharing communities’ adaption of MyCarpools.

Move It Kids were recognised with the new Design Process Award, an award aimed at recognising good process, development of skills and capability and a real focus on the user. ElectronicallyE was recognised with the People’s Choice award for Moova, a wearable digital wrist device.

Great work teams and good luck to the teams awarded the Launch Pad, we look forward to seeing your prototype and business model. 


Last updated: 27 October 2016