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GovHack 2018 winners

On Saturday 10 November 2018, GovHack Australia hosted the National Red Carpet Awards for the annual data hackathon.

The annual event is held in Sydney, with entrants travelling from all over Australia to celebrate the best entries of GovHack 2018.

South Australian project, TAX Mate by Team Tartans-AU, received two awards sponsored by the Australian Taxation Office: “The Friendly ATO” award and “Bounty: Tax Help Centers” award. The Best Youth Team was awarded to another South Australian team, Bachmanns and Fulwoods.

In addition to the above winners, five South Australian teams received honourable mentions for their projects: XTRA, Just We Three, Opt1c N3t, Expose: Show us your data and Team Outliers.

Congratulations to all teams recognised in the National Awards. The diversity of projects demonstrated the endless possibilities of how open data can be used to improve the lives of fellow Australians.

During the event, GovHack Australia announced that next year’s national open data competition will take place from 6-8 September 2019.

To learn more, explore open data or view the GovHack 2018 winners.

Last updated: 20 November 2018