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Step up your password game on World Password Day 2018

image showing cyber security, fingerprint and World Password Day 2018

Passwords. They’re strange, they’re complex, they’re everywhere and are often forgotten. We use them daily to secure and protect our information, finances, emails and devices.

On 3 May, World Password Day reminds us of the importance of strong passwords and the role they play securing our digital information and identity.

Here are 10 tips for better password security:

  1. Use a minimum of eight characters (twelve is better!)
  2. Include a combination of lower case, upper case, numbers and symbols
  3. Use passphrases - random words put together and unrelated to information about you. Family names, date of birth, pet name, street names are a no-no!
  4. Choose unrecognisable keypad patterns. '1234' or ‘abcd’ are too easy
  5. Have a different password for each system you log in to - passwords are not recyclable!
  6. Change your passwords regularly
  7. Keep them secret (don’t even give hints)
  8. Ensure all your devices are protected by a password, pin or fingerprint
  9. Use a password manager to securely store all of your passwords
  10. Use multi-factor authentication (MFA) for important logins like online banking, critical systems and emails.

For more information on securing your online information, visit the Stay Smart Online website.

Last updated: 03 May 2018