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We support Stay Smart Online Week

Stay Smart Online Week

Stay Smart Online Week is a national awareness initiative the puts online security in the spotlight and reminds us all to set aside some time to focus on the importance of staying safe online.

Being safe online is relevant to every aspect of our lives, whether at home, work, school, business, or on the go.

There are some easy things that we can all do to improve how we protect our personal and financial information online, and recover if things go wrong.

Simple steps for online safety include:

  • Being careful about how much personal information you share online
  • Creating strong passwords and passphrases that are hard for others to guess
  • Keeping your devices updated with the latest software
  • Regularly backing up your data
  • Being on the lookout for suspicious emails or messages, and not clicking on links or opening attachments that look suspicious.

Visit the Stay Smart Online Week website and watch the range of videos created to help you understand what you can do to stay safe. 


Last updated: 11 October 2017