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Data.SA website

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Data.SA is the South Australian Government’s open data directory and is home to over 1000 datasets.

For Users of Open Data

Each year the number of datasets grows as agencies and local councils identify and assess data for possible release.  Some datasets you will find are: Road crash statistics, expiation notices,  shipwrecks, air quality, bbq areas, park lands and dog registrations.  See a listing of new datasets and updated datasets.

Collaboration with the Commonwealth’s Department of Finance to share metadata about government datasets means that South Australians have access to over 2000 more datasets.  Entering a search term or keyword on Data.SA will not only display South Australian results but also those from the Commonwealth’s open data portal Data.Gov and vice versa.

To see how open data is benefitting the community visit the Apps&Ideas section of Data.SA.

How you can Engage with Open Data

  • Request a Dataset – you are invited to request a dataset.   Agencies and local councils will assess the request in the their future plans to release data.
  • Submit a Success Story – if you have a success story on how open data has been used to benefit the community, we would love to hear from you.
  • Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Email:

For Agencies releasing Open Data

SA Government data will be discoverable through Data.SA. Data may be stored and published on this portal or to a uniform resource locator (URL) managed by the agency. A dataset entry and compulsory discovery metadata are required to be entered on Data.SA for all open datasets.

Each agency will have a publishing organisation established on Data.SA. A publishing organisation must assign at least one Data.SA Publisher to publish and maintain datasets on Data.SA.

Data.SA is also available to SA Local Councils who wish to release open data, to support the discovery and open access of all SA Government data. Data.SA is used to facilitate communication, data requests, feedback and enquiries relating to open data.  Communications received will be issued to agencies, as appropriate, for timely response and action.


Last updated: 05 September 2017