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A showcase of the current programs, projects and activities of agencies and ICT and Digital Government.

Activities demonstrate a commitment to being digital by default and collaborating with agencies and industry for better results.

As the office moves towards agile methodology, projects will be defined as follows:

  • Discovery - Project is being established with desired outcomes under establishment.
  • Alpha - Project is partially complete and delivered for user testing and feedback.
  • Beta - Project complete and delivered but still undergoing improvements.
  • Live - Project is complete, delivered and live.

3 Programs

Department of the Premier and Cabinet - ICT and Digital Government
D3 Digital Challenges offer a new way to work with government. Challenges tackle social issues faced by the community through connecting those affected with those best placed to design and build innovative digital solutions.
ICT and Digital Government, Government of South Australia
From 2017 South Australia’s annual Open Data competition, Unleashed will be known as GovHack in line with the other states. The SA Government continues to see the great value of releasing non-...
Open Data delivers transparency, supports collaboration between private and public sector and encourages informed participation in Government by citizens. Open data is identified as a priority for...