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ICT and Digital Government leads and develops the implementation of a more contemporary customer, ICT and digital platform that will drive digital transformation, support the modernisation of the public sector, harmonise technologies and change the way we do business to make government services more efficient, effective and accessible to all South Australians.

ICT and Digital Government initiatives are expected to improve the government’s current ICT service delivery, drive economic development, improve delivery of information and deliver value for money.

The South Australian Government ICT Strategy 2018-2021 is now available.
ICT and Digital Government is delivering digital leadership through the implementation of the South Australian Government's ICT strategy, SA Connected.
We support the digital transformation agenda of agencies by setting direction and providing resources. Transformation activities are then led by agencies.
A set of reports which in combination form a picture of the Government landscape over a range of areas.
Open Data delivers transparency, supports collaboration between private and public sector and encourages informed participation in Government by citizens.
Across government policies and guidelines to support agencies in meeting their business needs and delivering services to their customers.
Ensuring public sector agencies evaluate cloud services in every new or reformed ICT sourcing, procurement, or market approach.
Responsible Parties should implement procedures to monitor and maintain compliance to applicable statutory, regulatory and contractual security requirements.
Policies related to the collection, use, transmission and management of data by South Australian Government agencies.
The Premier's Digital by Default Declaration commits agencies to digitally transform their services. ICT and Digital Government is helping put the declaration into practice.
Policies about online communication via email, messaging, social media and other collaboration tools.
This section is for South Australian Government agencies seeking exemption from ICT policies and contracts.
These policies relate to ICT security and include supporting guidelines and templates related to the Information Security Management Framework (ISMF).
Policies related to infrastructure, technical architecture and networks.
This section contains policies and guidelines relating to South Australian Government domain names and website server and application security.
ICT and Digital Government works with agencies to enhance the resilience and security of ICT systems, recognising that trust and confidence is fundamental to uptake.