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State ICT Support Plan

The ICT Support Plan outlines the means by which the Department of the Premier and Cabinet, as the Control Agency for ICT Failure, will fulfil its role under the State Emergency Management Plan (SEMP). ICT and Digital Government fulfils the role of Control Agency for ICT Failure on behalf of the Department of the Premier and Cabinet (DPC).

The goal of activating the arrangements detailed in this plan is to coordinate agencies, suppliers and other stakeholders in returning ICT operations to a normal state after a failure of government ICT services.

The scope of this plan is limited to South Australian Government ICT systems only.

The SA Government Chief Information Officer (CIO), or delegate, determines when a coordinated response to an ICT Failure or threat of ICT Failure is required.

The ICT Support Plan relies on strong cooperative, coordinated and consultative relationships among Federal, State and Local Government agencies in addition to government suppliers.

This plan does not assume a particular incident or event, and is based on the “All Hazards” principles as endorsed by the Emergency Management Council and Emergency Management Australia.

The ICT Support Plan is written pursuant to the requirements of the Emergency Management Act 2004 (the Act) and the SEMP. The ICT Support Plan should be read in conjunction with the State Emergency Management Plan.

The Office has arrangements in place that assist in the management and coordination of ICT incidents that do not meet the criteria of ICT Failure. These arrangements are detailed in the ICT Incident Management Framework and other related documents (refer Annex A for document hierarchy).

Last updated: 30 October 2017