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Digital Government

Our focus is to accelerate progress towards modernising and transforming government services so they are simple, smart and digital.

Digital transformation requires more than changes to technology - it requires fundamental shifts in attitude.  Public sector employees need to better understand the environment that we are operating in and the opportunities presented by that environment. 

Our office will support agencies to build capacity so they can better contribute to the transformation of government services.


The Premier's Digital by Default Declaration commits agencies to digitally transform their services.  The Office for Customer, ICT and Digital Transformation is helping put the declaration int


Digital technologies are critical to modernising and transforming our public services. 


A range of initiatives and deliverables planned by SA Government agencies in support of the government’s Digital Strategy.


Almost two years after the Premier’s Digital by Default Declaration, agencies have completed the following digital initiatives.


Almost two years after the Premier’s Digital by Default Declaration, agencies have made significant progress.  The below initiatives are planned or currently underway.


As outlined in the Premier’s Digital by Default Declaration, agencies are expected to develop their own digital strategies to assist them to put the declaration into practice.


A Digital Service Standard sets the criteria that our digital services must meet to ensure they are simpler, faster and meet the expectations of South Australians.


The Digital Strategy Toolkit, which consists of four parts, provides South Australian Government organisations with guidance on the development and format of their digital strategies.