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Digital by Default Declaration

The Premier's Digital by Default Declaration commits agencies to digitally transform their services.  ICT and Digital Government is helping put the declaration into practice.

The Government of South Australia recognises that digital technology is critical to modernising and transforming our public services.

This declaration commits the government to proactively transforming its services, using digital technology.

New or reformed government services will be digital by default. Digital services will be:

  • available online, mobile-ready, easy to use and accessible
  • designed with our customers
  • offer value for money
  • implemented so that, where appropriate, data can be made openly available in support of the government’s Declaration of Open Data.

Public sector agencies will be expected to:

  • transition existing services and paper-based processes to digital
  • develop new services in partnership with those affected from a digital by default perspective
  • ensure their workforce is skilled in the use of digital technologies
  •  develop digital strategies to achieve this and report publicly on progress.

The government also recognises that not all members of the community can access digital services equally and that consideration will always need to be given to their particular needs.

A modern public service should be paper-free and this declaration is an important step in that direction.

Last updated: 30 October 2017