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Digital Service Standard

A Digital Service Standard sets the criteria that our digital services must meet to ensure they are simpler, faster and meet the expectations of South Australians. The South Australian Government has decided to trial the Digital Service Standard developed by the Commonwealth Government so that we can see whether it is a good fit for South Australia.

This Standard and the accompanying Design Guides were developed by the Australian Government’s Digital Transformation Agency, based on those published by the UK Government, and following their own trial and significant feedback from users.

All South Australian Government agencies are being advised to ‘try out’ the Standard while they digitally transform their services, in accordance with the Premier’s Digital by Default Declaration. This way, we can determine whether there are any uniquely South Australian requirements that would need to be added to create our own Standard. Ideally, where applicable, we can adopt the work of others and avoid unnecessary duplication of effort.

Any review will take into consideration the experiences and feedback from agencies to determine whether the Australian Government’s Digital Service Standard will be adopted without change or amended to better suit the needs of South Australians.

Additional information will be provided here as our experiences in digital transformation shape our approach in the future.

Applying the Digital Service Standard

Jacqui Van Teulingen from the Digital Transformation Agency presented to South Australian Government attendees in November 2016 on how to apply the Digital Service Standard to transform government services. She shared practical advice on understanding users, designing services and making them simple, and being adaptable in how you work.

Last updated: 12 January 2017