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Digital Transformation Strategy

Digital technologies are critical to modernising and transforming our public services. 

However, digital does not mean doing the same things that we’ve done in the past and just putting them online, it means rethinking services for the digital age, in partnership with those we seek to serve.

The Premier released a draft digital transformation strategy for comment by agencies, industry and the community in November 2014. The ICT and Digital Government has analysed this feedback and considered findings from a South Australian Digital Landscape Report published in June 2015.

The Office has now released A Digital Transformation Strategy for the South Australian Government. The strategy will provide Chief Executives with strategic direction through the development of their agencies’ digital strategy and will include across government initiatives to build our digital capabilities.  The digital strategy supports SA Connected, and focusses on helping agencies to develop smarter, value for money services to meet the rising expectation of citizens.

Our goal is to transform public services so that they are simple, smart, and digital.

Last updated: 30 October 2017