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SA Government digital achievements

The South Australian Government has made a lot of progress towards modernising and transforming its services to provide better experience for users.

Below are some examples of externally facing services that have been transformed to date.

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Initiatives Progress update Lead Agency
Reorganisation of BreastScreen web content Content on the BreastScreen website has been reorganised to communicate more effectively with its target audience. SA Health
New Royal Adelaide Hospital web presence The new Royal Adelaide Hospital’s web presence utilises a new landing page template which provides a contemporary homepage look and feel. SA Health
TAFE SA website redevelopment A major upgrade of the TAFE SA website introduces a mobile-friendly interface, presentation of dynamic contextual information and streamlined e commerce and enrolment processes.
Sports Vouchers The Sports Vouchers Program website won the 2015 iAward (Government Service Category) for South Australia for its responsive design. The state government initiative, administered by the Office for Recreation and Sport, gives primary school age children from Reception to Year 7 the opportunity to receive a $50 discount for sports club/membership fees. Updates made to the Sports Vouchers system enable reporting and monitoring of sports vouchers issued and provide improved visibility to individuals and sporting organisations on the use and opportunities of sports vouchers.  Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure
myPIRSA Portal Citizens and producers are able to access various online services relating to licensing, registration and reporting. Department of Primary Industries and Regions
One Biosecurity web interface-trial Initial trial undertaken in August 2017 for producers to determine their Biosecurity Star Rating and Disease Risk Status for prospective buyers to assess risk, prior to purchase. A search engine and communication tool will also be available. Department of Primary Industries and Regions
Jobs SA Vacancies A full review and rebranding was undertaken for the SA public sector government vacancies website. This includes additional functionality, ease of use and includes additional information regarding government recruitment initiatives.  Department of the Premier and Cabinet
Refresh of Design changes and the streamlining of online government content has enhanced the quality of information available. A re-build of the site was completed in 2016. Department of the Premier and Cabinet
Multi-language campaign website A multi-language (French and English) website to support the strategy to strengthen South Australia’s French connections. The aim is to assist people moving involved in the Naval Shipbuilding contracts to settle in SA and to attract future business opportunities. The website will be used as an example for future international engagement strategies requiring high quality content in multiple languages. Department of the Premier and Cabinet
Registry Online The Courts Administration Authority has redeveloped its website, through which up to 18,000 online lodgements have now occurred, and additional services can be accessed. This also provides a framework upon which other future services can be built.
Courts Administration Authority


Initiative Progress update Lead Agency
Adelaide Riverbank App The Adelaide Riverbank app and map provides users with information about exploring and navigating around the precinct, as well as events, activities, and dining options. It also communicates updates on the festival plaza redevelopment project, including any temporary changes for pedestrians and traffic. Renewal SA
Vacancy Maintenance Inspection Application This Vacancy Maintenance Inspection Application (VMIA) assists in getting people into suitable accommodation faster as scoping of property maintenance can now be completed in the field. The VMIA Application won the South Australian 2016 iAward for the Mobility Innovation of the Year – a cross-technology category with 10 entrants. Housing SA
PR Connect & Community Engagement PR Connect enables South Australians to apply for financial assistance for the private rental market online or on any device. The new system replaced legacy mainframe functionality with a Salesforce-based solution and introduced an online form for application lodgement, electronic forms of communication (email/SMS), income verification and the use of the national Document Verification Service (DVS). Housing SA
Mobile Teaching Kits The introduction of mobile teaching kits allows learning resources to be made available to students across regional South Australia and provides equality of access to TAFE SA services. This solution was nominated for the 2016 AIIA SA state iAwards. TAFE SA
Online Learning Management System (phase 1) Migration to a scalable cloud based Learning Management System ensures students are able to access digital learning resources when convenient at either on and off campus locations. TAFE SA
3D Simulated Training Products An innovative 3D simulated training product for Nursing using video gaming technology was recently introduced to assist Nursing studies. This initiative won a 2016 AIIA SA state iAward. TAFE  SA
Real-time Remote Learning Full rollout of real time delivery of classroom-based educational delivery to students in remote locations. Students are able to learn from any location without the need to attend campus. Recording of lectures also enables students to catch-up on missed classes if needed at their convenience. TAFE SA
eConveyancing For the first time, conveyancers, legal practitioners, banks and registries can now collaborate online rather than spending additional time travelling to and from the Grenfell Street settlement room to finalise transactions. Not only are there benefits for the industry, but buyers and sellers are guaranteed on-time settlements, fast access to funds and fewer delays in signing documents and other manual processes. Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure
metroMATE (phase 1) The official public transport app for Adelaide. Features include locations of nearby stops, journey planning and saving destinations, locating vehicles, viewing disruption information and setting alerts. It gets customers to their destination smarter with an innovative route viewer. Available for Android and iOS devices. Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure
Heavy Vehicle Change of Ownership Inspections Provide online transactions through an EzyReg Account to record heavy vehicle change of ownership inspection bookings, make payment of audit fees, and update the inspection outcome (whether they pass or fail). Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure
Booking CBT/VORT tests for Authorised Examiners online Provides online transactions to Authorised Examiners to have the ability to Book and pay for Competency Based Training (CBT) and Vehicle On Road Test (VORT) licence tests, and to be able to record the results of these tests via their EzyReg Account. Previously, staff in the Driver Assessments area received bookings via phone or fax and recorded them via TRUMPS. Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure
Cycle Instead The Cycle Instead journey planner was implemented to encourage the community to use bikes for transport. This online service generates cycling routes using Adelaide's Bikedirect network of main roads, bike lanes, local streets, off road paths and some unsealed paths. It is interactive and enables cyclists to choose a variety of options that take into consideration fitness and confidence levels, road conditions and speed of travel, improving their cycle experience.
Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure
Pilot Online Booking for Popular Camping Destinations Pilot initiative that allows popular camping destinations to be booked online.
Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources
Bang the Table (Engagement HQ) Bang the Table’s digital public engagement toolbox (Engagement HQ) enables the community to have their say on the EPA website – saving calls to the hotline, as well as reaching a segment of the community that otherwise may not be available. It includes eight feedback tools, a relationship management system, and tailored analytical reporting, in a single integrated package.
Environment Protection Authority
Dob in a litterer The website and smartphone app allow the community to quickly report those who throw litter from their vehicles. As of end August 2017, the app had been downloaded approximately 2400 times, and 787 reports have been made through the system – showing great public interest. Environment Protection Authority
AgInsight Online Dashboard The AgInsight application is available in multiple languages, including Mandarin and Japanese. Various improvements and training packages continue to be rolled out. Department of Primary Industries and Regions
SA Recreational Fishing Guide App Allows citizens to access information on fishing in South Australia and the ability to report suspicious fishing activity, shark sightings and catch reports. Department of Primary Industries and Regions
Electronic Plant Health Certification Interactive Digital Proof of Concept An interactive prototype delivered in conjunction with key stakeholders Department of Primary Industries and Regions
Community Results Reporting A new digital platform has been designed to collect information in a secure environment, build the capacity of NGO partners to access their own reports and information, allow analysis of outcomes across time, and facilitate sharing of results between NGO and government partners. Department for Communities and Social Inclusion
Online Lost Property Reporting Lost items can now be reported online for insurance purposes with data made available to police. SAPOL
Report a Crash This tool enables collisions that are valued under $3000 to be reported online for insurance purposes. SAPOL
View My Traffic Photo Online This tool enables the public to view their traffic photo online. SAPOL
Event Safety Assessment An online, easy-to-use, guided questionnaire gives users an assessment of the safety risk of events, based on a number of parameters. SAPOL
Mobile Portal - Report Suspicious Behaviour and Track My Crime Mobile solution and access for the public to report and track suspicious behaviour and crime. SAPOL
Lawyers Online:  National Tech First for Legal Services Commission This initiative enables South Australians seeking legal information to have a free online web chat - in real time – with lawyers at the Legal Services Commission. The LSC is the first legal aid commission in Australia to offer this digital service. There has been significant interstate and judicial interest in this techno-legal initiative.  Legal Services Commission
Online volunteer sign on Online volunteer sign on system for sign on of Credit Union Christmas Pageant volunteers. South Australian Tourism Commission
Grants Portal Development of a Regional Events Grants Application Portal. South Australian Tourism Commission
Consumer and Business Services (CBS) Digital Licences (phase 1) In May 2017, Phase 1 of the MySA GOV app saw the launch of digital proof of age passes, boat licences, land agent and land sales representative registrations. DPC and CBS
Graduate to a full licence Customers are able to upgrade online from a provisional licence to a full licence without visiting a centre to have a photo taken. Department of the Premier and Cabinet
Update an unregistered vehicle Customers are able to re-register an unregistered vehicle online. Department of the Premier and Cabinet
My Invoice Businesses that have lodged an invoice with government can use a single website to track the payment status. It has been well received by the vendor community as they can now query the status of invoices they’ve submitted, as well as access other information such as statistics on agencies’ monthly payment performance, and tips to ensure invoices are paid as quickly as possible. Department of the Premier and Cabinet
YourSAy Enhancing citizen engagement with government, the YourSAy online consultation hub is where citizens can have their say and influence government decisions. Several options for participation are available, including online discussions, voting in polls and deciding where government funds are spent.
Department of the Premier and Cabinet
Fund My Community Launch of the Fund My Community website enables participatory budgeting with $1 million made available for community organisations to tackle disadvantage, and the community can get involved in deciding how the funds are allocated. Non-government and not-for-profit community organisations can apply for funding for their projects and citizens can use the interactive online website to decide which projects get funded. Department of the Premier and Cabinet
Manage bulk vehicle registration renewals The ability to sync multiple registration renewal payments (common expiry dates) makes it easier to manage more vehicles online. DPC and DPTI
Access your licence history and demerit points Customers may now purchase a certified extract of their licence history and view current demerit points online.
Access  your registration certificate Customers may view and print copies of an existing registration details certificate online. DPC and DPTI
Manage disabled parking permits Customers can now renew and replace Disabled Parking Permits online. DPC and DPTI
Self-assess fitness to drive Eligible seniors over 75 years old can self-assess their fitness to drive online. DPC and DPTI
New online shop An enhanced online shop will make government products and services easier to purchase online. Department of the Premier and Cabinet
Video conferencing Video conferencing in courtrooms is now being used for over 30,000 appearances per year. Courts Administration Authority
Intervention Orders (phase 1) To facilitate measures taken in response to domestic violence in South Australia, a fully electronic system to manage Intervention Orders between South Australian Police and the CAA was implemented, replacing existing manual procedures. Courts Administration Authority
Online Adjournment This system has created the ability for legal practitioners to request an adjournment to a hearing through the “Online Registry”. This system is no longer in pilot mode and is being rolled out to the wider legal practitioner community Courts Administration Authority
Online ordering of Transcript An enhancement to the “Registry Online” website now allows registered users, such as legal practitioners and law firms, to order a transcript online and have it emailed, rather than attending in person at the Registry counter Courts Administration Authority


Initiatives Progress update Lead Agency
Emergency Client Information System The Emergency Client Information System (ECIS) is improving the experience for people whose lives are thrown into turmoil by an emergency. It provides a simple method for electronic collection of details about South Australians in need of emergency services, providing more responsiveness. Housing SA
Cost of Living Concessions This interface replaces the manual checking of concession eligibility for Housing SA tenants with a real-time validation solution, as part of DCSI’s Cost Of Living Information (COLIN) System Project. Housing SA
Unconsented Bond Claim An online form, administered by CBS, allows the Landlord/Agent to submit and manage claims for bonds where the tenant has vacated their accommodation and is no longer contactable. The Landlord/Agent can upload evidence with their claim, which can be accessed by all interested parties – reducing manual processes and turnaround times. Housing SA and CBS. Housing SA and CBS
Single Signon Staff and students are now able to access multiple key systems by entering a single username and password combination, once per work session. TAFE SA
Registration and Licensing (phase 1) Ongoing collaboration with DPC (Service SA) to achieve significant service delivery improvements and digitisation of customer interactions. DPTI and DPC
Digital Pass (MY SA GOV) - DPTI PTI Enables Ezyreg Account User Credentials to be reused to authenticate the My SAGov Digital Pass and allow future SA Government applications, particularly mobile applications (including Digital Drivers Licences). Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure
Water Management Solutions Co-designed with McLaren Vale irrigators, the McLaren Vale Online Trade form offers automated pre-assessment checks to increase information available to trading parties. Well drillers' online transactions are another example of how the licensing processes are expanding digitally-enabled services. Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources
Kangaroo Harvest Online The Kangaroo Harvest industry's uptake of cloud-based online forms confirms the value of the business reform proposals advocated by industry.  Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources
Environmental Licensing Forms Licensees now have access to a secure portal where they can login to access relevant information and pay invoices. Key licensees were involved with testing and providing feedback. This feedback was used to further improve the functionality and usability. At the end of August 2017, 800 licence renewals had been processed online (approximately 66%). Environment Protection Authority
Waste Tracker This online system for tracking hazardous waste replaced hard copy forms that were previously manually completed and processed. WasteTraker has reduced the time taken to fill waste tracking certificates significantly. Over 92% of waste movements are now recorded electronically. Environment Protection Authority
Online Environmental Monitoring Program Aquaculture producers submit online reports relating to environment factors and impacts of their business, reducing the need for paper-based forms and manual data entry. Department of Primary Industries and Regions
myPIRSA Smartforms Integration Joint initiative with DPC to provide integrated customer experience between SA Government smartform platform (iApply) and myPIRSA portal. Department of Primary Industries and Regions
Northern Food Park Online information and application forms to support the Northern Food Park initiative in June 2017. Department of Primary Industries and Regions
Shopify Implementation of Shopify as online transaction replacement for Bizgate. South Australian Tourism Commission
SACAT Online Lodgement System All SA Civil and Administrative Tribunal (SACAT) applications are now online and digital by default. SACAT and AGD
Court Attendance Notification Pass (CAN +) CAN+ implemented the use of mobile phones and email to notify charged persons of their upcoming Court date and time, negating the need to personally serve this information. A summary of evidence can be provided to the accused to consider before this court appearance; potentially reducing delays and providing further efficiencies. CAN+ represents a cultural and procedural shift from manual processes to embracing digital, and provides efficiencies that allow police officers to redirect their efforts to higher value tasks. SAPOL and AGD
Document Verification Service integration Integration between our cloud-hosted online forms and the Australian Government Document Verification Service. The Document Verification Service (DVS) is a national online system that allows organisations to compare a customer's identifying information with a government record, e.g. passport or birth certificate number. Department of the Premier and Cabinet
Rip It Up Rip it up is one of the Premier’s Speed initiatives and it aims to reduce public facing government forms by 25%. The initiative focusses on reviewing all citizen and business facing forms to reduce length, remove duplication and only seek information required to provide the service. Department of the Premier and Cabinet and Department of State Development
Department of the Premier and Cabinet and Department of State Development
Tell us once change of address form Phase 1 development and deployment of an electronic ‘tell us once’ change of address form to be used by citizens to notify multiple services across government when they change address.  Phase 1 of the form has resulted in the reduction of 124 separate fields to be completed by a citizen to 28 fields in one single form, which represents a reduction of 78%. Department of the Premier and Cabinet


Initiatives Progress update Lead Agency
Rehab in the home service Allows rehab patients to be discharged from hospital with devices to aid their recovery at home. Apps provide exercises, questionnaires and a video conferencing link to hospital staff for regular consults. SA Health
Advanced digital health solutions to the new RAH The new RAH is one of the most technologically-advanced hospitals in Australia, with patient records stored electronically and clinicians able to access test results from monitors within patient rooms. New telehealth facilities enable staff to consult with colleagues and patients across the state and further afield. SA Health
Add-Insight A data analytics system that provides road network performance indicators in real time through the use of low cost Bluetooth devices. In conjunction with a mobile app, the system has the ability to provide audio and visual advice to road users of traffic disruptions. Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure
Digital Public Transport Timetable kiosk (phase 1) Proof of concept for deployment of three digital kiosks to key passenger volume areas. Aimed at improving access, and reducing demand for paper bus timetables. Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure
Court "Guest" Wi-Fi All courthouses in the State now have a “Guest” Wi-Fi facility for legal practitioners. It is expected this will enable and encourage the use of digital services in the courtroom. Courts Administration Authority


Initiatives Progress update Lead Agency
Dental Service Booking Enquiry Consumers now able to check available booking times at a dental clinic of their choice.
SA Health
Simplified Policy Housing SA policies have been re-written in plain language and in a format that supports web usability and accessibility on the DCSI website. Each month, on average, the policies are viewed 1298 times by 1075 users. SA Housing The Emergencies topic at provides comprehensive preparedness, response and recovery information. It brings together the vast array of information from multiple South Australian Government websites in a uniform way so that the public have access to emergency information that is easy to find and understand, from a single entry point website. It was successfully utilised for disaster recovery operations during the extreme weather events in September 2016 and the Riverland storm in November 2016. SAFECOM
Rail Maintenance Notifications Program Improving nearby and relevant residents access to timely information relating to rail corridor night works (including emergency works) through an electronic notification system of SMS and/or email. Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure
Digital Annual Reports Presentation of the DPTI Annual report in a digital form, via the Internet.
Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure
Traffic SA The public now have access to improved traffic information via Traffic SA, a map-based website which displays roadworks, incidents and planned events impacting traffic movement in South Australia. It provides automatic location identification and navigation with a list view to support readability or personal data display preferences. Selecting a displayed delay event will show further information such as current travel and delay times in minutes, and hourly trend data to assist the customer in planning their travel route. Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure
Location SA Location SA is a simple interface for authoritative location data and services available to all government agencies.  The Location SA Map Viewer is a public-facing, mobile-ready tool for community members to see public data from the repository via a geographical ‘map viewer’ Internet-based interface.
Enviro Data SA Enviro Data SA provides community access to environmental data licensed for commercial use. Offerings include photopoints, secured access for publishing partners, and SA Climate Ready - a comprehensive set of localised climate change projections and real-time water data. Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources
Good Living Blog The Good Living Blog promotes natural places for us to enjoy, as we bring our children to play in them, relax and get away from the stresses of ordinary life. Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources
Nature Maps SA’s specialist natural resources management information is now mobile-ready, providing access to a comprehensive range of spatial data in a convenient package.
Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources
Air Quality EPP Information and Training Following requests from regional councils, the EPA recorded and produced in-house three YouTube videos of training and information sessions relating to the Air Quality Environment Protection Policy (EPP) launch. In the past, affected parties have needed to travel to Adelaide or a regional centre to attend an EPA presentation, with EPA staff conducting regional roadshows across the state. To date, over 200 views have been recorded for the videos. Environment Protection Authority
Online Public Register A new online, public register provides up-to-date information on environmental authorisations, new applications and environmental orders. It provides more current and updated information, enhanced search functionality, and an intuitive interface. The register also integrates with Location SA to provide a special view of licence information.  Environment Protection Authority
SA Weed Control App Provides essential information about weeds in South Australia as well as the ability to log and report the location of weeds.
Department of Primary Industries and Regions
Evidence-to-Export Dashboard A live dashboard to help decision makers prioritise growth opportunities for the South Australian economy.  The dashboard is compiled from a range of existing market and industry information and drawing on knowledge across PIRSA. Ongoing engagement may result in the tool being used across Australia. Department of Primary Industries and Regions
SA Housing Services Finder This online service helps citizens to work out what services may be available to help them secure housing.
Department of Primary Industries and Regions
Find Your Local Police Station This app interfaces with Google Maps to enable the public to locate their police station. SAPOL
Search Stolen Firearms Online A digital option to search for stolen firearms by serial number online. SAPOL
Home Delivery Growing numbers of South Australians are embracing free legal information webinars delivered by the Legal Services Commission. During the sessions, a Commission lawyer delivers a presentation seen simultaneously by a live audience and an audience joining in by webcast. Both audiences can ask questions in real time. Legal Services Commission
Letters of the Law Must Be Heard as Well as Seen To improve access to justice, especially for disadvantaged South Australians, there’s now a special audio element available on the Legal Services Commission website. The site incorporates ReadSpeaker software that converts text to speech, enabling users to hear the site’s information. The ReadSpeaker function is particularly popular on the Commission’s Law Handbook site that presents legal information in easily understood language.
Legal Services Commission
24Legal 24Legal provides a new way to access fast, convenient, reliable legal information that’s written in plain-English and is available 24/7. It’s especially useful for legal problems that  arise after hours. The free service covers more than 60 common legal areas. Legal Services Commission
Consumer and Business Services (CBS) Public Register The public register is available online and covers liquor licensees, builders, plumbers, gasfitters, electricians, security agents, second hand motor vehicle dealers and real estate agents. AGD (CBS)
Positive Parenting Messaging Proactively connects new parents with information on how to support their child’s development when they are most likely to need it. New parents receive text messages pointing them to early child development videos at key milestones. This is done through a push messaging system linked to the births, deaths and marriages registry. Department of the Premier and Cabinet
Probate on the internet Lists of estates where a grant of probate or letters of administration are expected to be made are now being published on the internet. Courts Administration Authority



Last updated: 06 February 2019