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SA Government digital initiatives

The South Australian Government has a number of initiatives underway to modernise and transform its services and provide a better experience for users.

Below are some examples of externally facing initiatives that are planned or underway.

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Initiative Progress update Lead Agency By
myPIRSA Portal Enhancements Usability enhancements to myPIRSA to improve customers experience when signing up and interacting in the myPIRSA portal. Department of Primary Industries and Resources SA October 2017
myPIRSA Portal redesign Enhancements to the myPIRSA portal to be identified and implemented in conjunction with industry and citizens. Department of Primary Industries and Resources SA June 2018
One Biosecurity Web Interface Producers will determine their Biosecurity Star Rating and Disease Risk Status for prospective buyers to assess risk, prior to purchase. A search engine and communication tool will also be available.
One Biosecurity Web Interface
Department of Primary Industries and Resources SA June 2018
Primary Industry Funds proof of concept Build an interactive prototype, in conjunction with citizens and industry representatives, which captures the key functions, processes, interactions and other requirements for Primary Industry Funding schemes. Department of Primary Industries and Resources SA October 2017
Food safety certification system Establish an electronic system to enhance the efficiency and quality of managing the Food Safety Certification business process, incorporating national requirements. Department of Primary Industries and Resources SA June 2018
DCS website replacement (first tranche) The content architecture of the website has been revisited using user centric design principles and will leverage both and a standalone site to ensure the information users are looking for is useful and discoverable.
Department for Correctional Services October 2017
TAFE SA Website Enhancements Building on the success of the TAFE SA Website Redevelopment Project to enhance customer experience through user interface improvements and streamlining of business processes.  TAFE SA June 2018
WatchSA Consolidation Delivers a digital consolidated WatchSA for community use and access SAPOL October 2017


Initiatives Progress update Lead Agency By
Comprehensive Online Booking for Tourist Attractions Online booking rolled out across all National Parks camping and accommodation products. Pilot commencing for tour booking at icon sites. Department of Environment Water and Natural Resources 2018
eCatch Reporting Service Allow fishers to submit catch reports via phone, internet or app as well as view all of their details including personal & licence details and preferences. Department of Primary Industries and Resources SA October 2017
Digital Pass (MySA GOV) - PIRSA Joint initiative with DPC to support Fisheries and Biosecurity registration and licensing functions. Awaiting scheduling for inclusion in the across-government project. PIRSA and DPC April 2018
Prison Visit Booking An online service will allow members of the public to book a visit with an offender in custody. This service will initially be made available to professional visitors before being made available to the public. Department for Correctional Services 2018
Consumer and Business Services (CBS) Digital Licences (phase 2) Phase 2 will include the incorporation of Builders, Plumbers, Gas Fitters & Electricians, Security and Investigation licences and registrations into the MySA GOV app. DPC and CBS October 2017
Online booking system Convenient online booking will be available for driver’s licence testing in a local Service SA customer service centre. Department of the Premier and Cabinet 30 November 2017
Change of Vehicle Ownership Transactions Enable change of ownership transactions online to offer new services to the general public through their EzyReg Account. Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure December 2017
ePlanning An online planning service, accessible on a central portal with access to data in real time. ePlanning streamlines the timeliness, efficiency and transparency of planning outcomes, to reduce costs and improve information based interactions with the community, investors, construction sector and government. This is a four year major planning reform, with distinct deliverables within this period. Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure 2019
Registration and LIcensing (phase 2) Ongoing collaboration with DPC (Service SA) to achieve significant service delivery improvements and digitisation of customer interactions. Includes continued work on MySA GOV, incorporating other accreditations and licences, including the Drivers Licence which will be available in October 2017.
DPTI and DPC June 2018
Online Learning Management System (phase 2) Evolution of underlying cloud-based platform technology to ensure manageability and future proofing of the system to meet high levels of availability and performance for up to 80,000 students. A key enabler to delivering student aligned future teaching and learning services. TAFE SA January 2018
Radiation Protection Portal Following on from the success of online applications and renewals for Environmental Authorisations, the portal is being expanded to include new applications and renewals for Radiation Protection licences. The new system was designed in conjunction with key users, and these users will be utilised for testing of the system once it is ready for beta-release. Environment Protection Authority November 2017
Container Deposit Legislation (CDL) Forms and Portals Also following on from the success of online applications and renewals for Environmental Authorisations, the portal is being expanded to include approvals for beverage containers and collection depots under the CDL. The portal comprises forms to capture details of the application, as well as a gateway for invoice payments.
Environment Protection Authority November 2017
Family Law Online Dispute Resolution The Legal Services Commission is undertaking a scoping study to develop a service to enable separating couples to resolve family law legal disputes online. This National Legal Aid project is funded by the Commonwealth. Legal Services Commission Late 2018


Initiative Progress update Lead Agency By
Electronic Court Management System (ECMS) The CAA has a major project underway to replace its legacy case management systems with a modern court management system. The project’s objectives include moving from paper-based to an electronic system and to provide more online services to the public and practitioners. A system has been selected and the project has moved from Procurement phase to the Development phase. Courts Administration Authority 2021
Online Guilty Pleas The CAA plans to allow, through its “Online Registry” website, the ability for guilty pleas to be entered for specified minor matters in order to reduce court time. Legislation to enable this to proceed has now been passed and the CAA is assessing its impact. Courts Administration Authority December 2017
Property Identification Code (PIC) registration An enhancement of myPIRSA to support an online form to support automated collection of PIC information; reducing the need for paper-based forms and manual data entry. Department of Primary Industries and Resources SA November 2017
Customer facing forms Actioning the whole of government “Rip it up” initiative by redesigning the current forms into an end-to-end digital experience using a citizen-centric approach. Specific initiatives will be identified and reported separately. Department of Primary Industries and Resources SA December 2017
Consumer and Business Services (CBS) Transition of forms to online Through the use of iApply and working with Service SA, CBS is converting all 217 customer facing forms to an online format, enabling customers to complete all forms online, removing the need to print them off to sign, scan and email them back. Attorney General's Department (CBS) June 2018
Digital Signature DocuSign solution to be integrated with iApply as an electronic signature option. Due for release in next iApply major version upgrade. Department of the Premier and Cabinet February 2018
Change of Address Form Integration Implement a single electronic change of address form that can be used for multiple citizen services across the South Australian Government.
Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure December 2017
Rip it Up (DPTI) As part of the whole-of-government initiative, DPTI is focused on digitising and improving customer and business facing forms and processes. An ongoing program of initiatives has been identified and will be delivered over coming years. The first twenty forms/processes will be delivered by June 2018. Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure June 2018
First Response Application for homelessness service providers, users and members of the public to record and report information about rough sleepers’ location and circumstances (in the inner city), that will be used to ensure an effective first response to those who are at risk or vulnerable. Housing SA October 2017
Digital Delivery Platform Migration to a new, secure, high-speed Internet service platform to meet the growing demand and needs of students and the business. TAFE SA May 2018


Initiative Progress update Lead Agency By
Modern Courtroom The CAA recognises the digital transformation occurring in the legal environment and has initiated a consultation project to develop courtroom designs for the future, incorporating support for digital innovations. Courts Administration Authority June 2018
Tourism information via Beacon Apps "Beacon Apps" offer location-sensitive information to enhance the visitor experience in nature and heritage tourism attractions. Department of Environment Water and Natural Resources 2017
Prisoner Kiosks Ruggedized terminals will allow prisoners to benefit from a range of services – initially canteen buys and raising requests, but it can also be extended to allow for a range of services. This technology will encourage prisoners to be self-reliant, aligning them with normalisation of current IT systems in society. Department for Correctional Services December 2017
Service SA Kiosk The implementation of self-service kiosks across Service SA centres helps reduce client waiting times. Department of the Premier and Cabinet 2018
MetroCard Tap-on Pilot Proposed Pilot for tap on validation for public transport with mobile phone. Pilot to be conducted on two different technology approaches, and will commence in October 2017. Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure December 2017
Digital Real Time bus stops (phase 2) DPTI and Adelaide City Council have joined together for a co-funded program to provide digital public transport information in the 'look and feel' of Adelaide City Council's endorsed wayfinding strategy in the Adelaide CBD. A suite of three digital bus stop plinths have been installed at key transport and wayfinding CBD locations, with a further 25+ being deployed along the O-Bahn, Grenfell and Currie St routes. Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure December 2017
Digital Public Transport Timetable kiosk (phase 2) Deployment of up to ten additional digital kiosks to key passenger volume areas. Aimed at improving access to route and timetable information, and reducing demand for paper bus timetables. Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure February 2018


Initiatives Progress update Lead Agency By
Intervention Orders (phase 2) The CAA is now participating in the Phase II of the intervention order project.  This project will automate the delivery of Intervention Order information to legislated Government Agencies. Courts Administration Authority November 2017
Open Data DEWNR has a commitment to delivering new open data, licensed for commercial reuse, to ensure that the community has access to data managed by the agency. Recent releases include 70 new data sets. Department of Environment Water and Natural Resources Ongoing
My Health Record Expansion An initiative of the Commonwealth Government, supported by SA Health. All citizens (except those that opt out) will have a shared electronic health record created within the national My Health Record system. SA Health August 2018
Apiary Online collection of Apiary information via myPIRSA, reducing the need for paper based forms and manual data entry. Activity deferred until legislative changes are in place. Department of Primary Industries and Resources SA December 2017
Road Awareness Program (RAP) The SA MFS Road Awareness Program is a powerful, hard-hitting presentation delivered to Year 11 students – designed to give an open and honest insight into the experience of firefighters working in road crash rescue. SAMFS has been working with specialists to develop software which will streamline the collection and collation of data and maintain engagement with participants post-presentation via a smartphone app. SA MFS Late 2017
State Records Digitisation Program Digitisation of items within the State's archival collection in order to provide improved access to South Australian customers as well as those interstate and overseas. In 2016/17 State Records, through its internal program and a partnership with FamilySearch, digitised 134,000 images. Attorney General's Department Ongoing
metroMATE (phase 2) Public Transport journey app, providing real time bus location and times. Enhanced features are being incorporated based on customer feedback. To be released iteratively until finalised in February 2018. Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure
February 2018
Emergencies and disasters template In an initiative to promote the topic of emergency information at the local government level, the City of Charles Sturt is piloting an emergencies and disasters template (a combination of and local content) on their website. The aim is to roll the template out across all local government websites. SAFECOM June 2018


Last updated: 06 February 2019