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Open Data Declaration

The South Australian Government is the custodian of a diverse range of useful data. Making this data available for everyone unlocks opportunities for our community and economy.  Open data has the potential to empower citizens with information, advance research and enable new business innovations.

In September 2013, the Premier announced a Declaration of Open Data to make government data open by default, and make this information available for use by business and the community.  

The Government of South Australia recognises the economic, social, and environmental potential of releasing government data.

The declaration commits the government to proactively release data.

Government data will be open by default; proactively released by government in accordance with international best practice.

At a minimum, data that is released must be:

  • available online
  • free wherever possible
  • published using agreed open standards
  • openly licensed for commercial and other re-use.

Public sector agencies will be expected to develop open data strategies that include specific actions, and report on their progress.

Public sector agencies will uphold their existing obligations to maintain the highest standards of privacy, security, and integrity with respect to data they hold.

Visit the South Australian Government open data directory Data.SA for openly licensed datasets.  Examples of how open data can be used to benefit business and the community can be found under the Apps&Ideas section.

Last updated: 23 February 2017