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SA Connected: A Strategic Direction

The strategy focuses on being ready for the future and looks at this goal through six lenses.

Serving People Serving People - An external lens
This is our purpose; it is ‘What we do’. 
This perspective focuses on services to citizens.
Securing Resilience Securing Resilience - A security lens
We live in a changing world; we are ‘Preparing for the unpredictable, but inevitable’. 
This underpins everything we do.
Improving Delivery Improving Delivery - A productivity lens
This provides a lens on our productivity and project execution; this is about ‘Getting more out of what we’ve got’.
Working Together Working Together - A sharing and collaboration lens
Common problems, shared solutions’. 
Collaboration and sharing makes us better at what we do.
Innovating Now Innovating Now - An opportunity lens
We have a sense of urgency, and we know that if we manage the risks ‘Embracing opportunities is rewarded’.
Open Data Open Data - An enabling lens
Opening up government data assists us to make progress in each of the other perspectives.
Enabling us to make better connections’ in order to create shared value.

Each lens is characterised by a number of high‑level ‘From → To’ statements. These statements indicate where we want to go, and by aligning our decisions and activities with this strategic direction, we will move the government towards our goal of making South Australia connected, ready for the future.

Theme From → To Statements
Serving People Some services online →  Digital by default
Some engagement →  Collaborative democracy
Multiple channels → Integrated customer service
Treating everyone the same →  Serving diversity
Securing Resilience Robust infrastructure →  Resilient communities
Basic security awareness →  We all apply security, all the time
Protecting the perimeter →  Protecting information
Security as an added job →  Professionalising security
Improving Delivery Some big ICT projects → Big Plans, small –projects
Robust ICT governance →  Integrated governance
Buying hardware and software →  Buying services
Diffuse accountability →  Clear accountability
Pockets of excellent → Professionalised workforce in ICT
Working Together Barriers to collaboration →  Seamless government
Agencies ‘going it alone’ → Agency partnerships
Common problems →  Sharing solutions
Working with government →  Working with our partners
Innovating Now Risk Aversion →  Embracing Opportunities
Large Scale Solutions v  Incremental Improvements
Technology for its own sake →  Technology for service benefits
Good deeds done in secret →  Early and open engagement
Open Data Ownership →  Custodianship
Data Silos →  Shared Value
Reactive data supply →  Proactive data streams
Last updated: 24 November 2015