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Securing Resilience

Control Agency for ICT Failure and Emergency Management Arrangements

The Department of the Premier and Cabinet is designated as the Control Agency for ICT Failure under South Australia’s emergency management arrangements. ICT and Digital Government manages these responsibilities on behalf of DPC and forms an integral part of the arrangements. When an ICT failure occurs that requires a coordinated government response, the Control Agency is responsible for the response to the incident and the subsequent recovery effort. Resources from agencies and suppliers are coordinated to minimise disturbance and risk.


The State Emergency Management Plan (SEMP) outlines responsibilities, authorities and the mechanisms to prevent, or if they occur manage, and recover from, incidents and disasters within South Australia.


The South Australian Government has primary operational responsibility for response to an emergency or disaster in South Australia.


The ICT Support Plan outlines the means by which the Department of the Premier and Cabinet, as the Control Agency for ICT Failure, will fulfil its role under the State Emergency Management Plan (SEMP).


With an ever increasing threat to Government information an awareness of the threats will benefit not only South Australian Government employees but all in our community.